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"Absolutely love mine! It helped me get over my depression!"

Heidi, New York

Your Encouraging Sign

Ever wake up feeling depressed, anxious or just straight up sad? We hear you.

Our bracelet is your sign that everything will be alright and to keep pushing each day! Who knows, maybe it's exactly the sign you need to see.

Why Customers LOVE Verrucci™

  • 💠 Conveys Status

    Ever wonder why some women look wealthy even in a basic outfit? It's their jewelry! Wearing jewelry is one of the best ways to show signals of wealth and prosperity.

  • 🐬 Gets you OUT of that silly comfort-zone!

    Not a flashy girl? Our petite bracelet will help you get out of your fashion comfort zone by complimenting your outfits perfectly, yet subtly.

  • 🐳 Encourages Gratitude

    Most of us are missing a very important trait in our lives - gratitude. We don't appreciate what is given to us, we only focus on the bad things in life. Our bracelet is just a small reminder to be grateful for all the little things in life.

Save your closet (and wallet!)

Ever feel like you never have anything to wear even though your closet is full? Your problem isn't your clothes silly, it's your accessories!

Jewelry can elevate all of your outfits into better, more stylish combinations... let's get you out of that comfort zone and boost your confidence (without breaking the bank)!

Daily Gratitude Reminder

Consistency is key when it comes to mastering your gratitude. This bracelet is a daily reminder to be grateful each day. No day left behind!

Once the bracelet is on your wrist it is up to you to decide how you want to feel with it on... but promise us you will stay grateful!

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Questions? We've Got You Covered!

Of course! Our new design features an adjustable fit to make sure your bracelet fits perfectly.

We recommend taking your bracelet off to better preserve the longevity of your bracelet.

Please email us at with any questions and concerns!

Please reach out to us at with your order # and we will provide instructions to proceed with your return.

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